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Ingrain Carpet



Ingrain carpet is a flat woven reversible carpet made with sturdy wool yarn that is dyed before weaving. Originally, ingrain carpet was only available to wealthy Americans who could afford to import it from England or Scotland. With advances in U.S. textile technology, by the mid 1800s, most middle class homes had at least one room with ingrain carpet installed. 

Ingrain carpet patterns by era

Economic prosperity quickly followed American independence. As the wealthy class evolved, conspicuous personal possessions became fashionable. Stately homes installed brightly colored and intricately designed wool ingrain carpets.

By the middle of the century, advances in technology led to more complex, efficient and affordable textiles. Ingrain carpet was common among the middle class and reflected a solid, positive position in society.

By this era, smaller patterns were back in style but kept some of the floral motifs and were far more intricate than their early geometric predecessors.