Tobacco Cloth Pin Up Panels

100% Cotton, lightweight, sheer curtain panels that drape beautifully. Loops on bottom allow for pinning up to either the left or right.


Approximate Lengths:
46" x 45"
46" x 63"
46" x 84"


These curtains are sold at loom state and will arrive with approximately an additional 9" in length. They must be laundered to achieve the lengths printed above. 

For maximum shrinkage: soak in warm-hot water. Tumble dry, med-high.
For minimal shrinkage: gentle wash, cold. Tumble dry, low (or hand wash and line dry.) 

Tobacco Cloth Pin Up Panels

  • Sold at loom state (not pre-washed).


    Approx. Sizes after laundering:


    • 46" x 45"
    • 46" x 63"
    • 46" x 84"


    Curtains will arrive approx. 9" longer than sizes stated.

  • 100% Cotton


    For maximum shrinkage: SOAK fabric in warm-hot water, tumble dry, high.


    For minimum shrinkage: Use cold water, tumble try low or line dry.


    Can also be used as is/unwashed.


    Laundering will create crinkle effect.

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